Yunteng YT-1288 Bluetooth Selfie Stick Unboxing & Review

Rs 650 Selfie Stick + Selfie Clicker + Tripod Mobile Mount

Yunteng YT-1288

  • Standard adapter allows you to attach this selfiestick to any camera/camorders. With the included cellphone clamp, you can attached it to any mobile phone up to 80mm width
  • The reinforced aluminium tubes enable you to reach a length of 48.4 inches while maintaining shooting stability, the remote shutter is detachable for separate use at your need
  • Adjustable head and thumb screw locks for multiple angle shooting with 360 degrees position. Rubbery handle and attached strap for security of item in use
  • The monopod comes with a lock so that you can adjust it at any length you want (from 425mm to 1250mm)
  • The bluetooth remote is for smartphone only and works only with android 4.3 or above and ios 5.0 or above. Bluetooth remote is not suitable for action and digital cameras.
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