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AGARO 1800 Watts Sigma High Pressure Washer for Car/Home, 135 Bars with Wheels, 5 Mtr Cord

About this item
1) Powerful 1800 watts, 100% Copper Motor, 135 Bar Pressure for Maximum Cleaning
2) Integrated Detergent Tank – Built in detergent tank allows you to easily apply detergent directly through the machine.
3) VERSATILE ACCESORIES: Universal Tap Connector, Long Spray Gun, Professional Foam Cannon, 5 meter pressure hose pipe, 5 meter power cable
4) Automatically shuts off pump when trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.
5) 1 year Warranty.

6) Self PrimmingTechnology allows it to work with Bucket Water also. 7) Lightweight, and Portable:
8) The Sturdy wheels makes the pressure washer portable while the fixed, robust handle makes transporting easy. 9) Tackle Stubborn Dirt Around the House: The high pressure washer delivers sufficient cleaning power in home use and is ideal for washing vehicles, removing moss from walkways or cleaning sticky dirt from walls, floors etc. 10) Less use of water: The high pressure technology loosens the dirt easily and quickly cleans the surface in less time. This helps in less utilization of water.

11) Dual Water source: The high pressure cleaner can be connected to both tap water or a bucket of water for water source. 12) Easy-Coil Hose: It's easy to maneuver with the 5 meters long cord 13) Compact and powerful: The 1800 watts motor delivers 135 bars water pressure with a maximum flow rate of 5.5 lit/min, giving an exquisite effect on the quality of cleaning. 14) IPX5 Waterproof: Ideal for tough outdoor cleaning tasks as our pressure washer is completely waterproof.

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